Lloyd's Register

All projects BFSA implemented under the supervision of leading global registers, such as Lloyd's Register and other members of IACS, as well as the Russian River Register.


Representation of Products

BFSA is expanding its profile by representing materials and products of highest standards and technological qualities.

Residential structures

Floating City District

Floating Dictrict is an extension of an existing city or a separate self-sustainable municipality consisting of all the necessary and vital structures and communication facilities. It is designed not to change the usual foundations of life of its citizens, but expand the opportunities and diversify the daily routine of its inhabitants.

This floating city district includes everything that a common city might have:

  • Restaurants
  • SPAs
  • Parks
  • Concert halls
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Offices
  • Swimming pools and beaches
  • Sports fields
  • Nights clubs
  • Casinos etc.


By using reinforced concrete pontoons for floating structures, we exclude hydro-technical works, such as sheet piling, sand spraying, etc. With our solution for floating structure we are eliminating any effect on the environment.



Floating District